ZingZillas: Splat Down

Come to the new version in the fun ZingZillas series, Splat Down Game, and get ready to challenge your reaction skill right now! It is free for all kids to play online. After you press the button, you will be moved to a strange area which is similar to a kitchen. Aside from that, it also looks like a stage because you can see a singer and a group singing. However, you will not join their band. Indeed, you are about to carry out another extremely interesting mission in Cbeebies ZingZillas: Splat Down. Not only that, you are able to create tunes while trying to finish your task at the same time. There is a unique tool in front of you. It is a bamboo tube. It is attached to a splat which is considered as the main item used to crush fruits. Watch out! You will win if you know the time to squash the target whilst they are heading to the right side. Attempt to beat promptly! Especially, the difficulty will increase once you level up. Good luck!

PLay Now!!!