ZingZillas: Hummingbird Harmoniser

Experience the famous ZingZillas series and do not ignore Hummingbird Harmoniser Game! Come to the new challenge and get ready to conquer all of the levels in the shortest time in order to become the winner. Not only that, you can draw anything you want by using the given paint and a brush after you complete stages. You will be able to explore a mysterious fragrant garden and learn much more about musical instruments. Currently, tools in Bbc Cbeebies ZingZillas: Hummingbird Harmoniser are captured by small nectar-feeding tropical American bird. Moreover, these creatures do not like to be bothered while they are sleeping. But, you are forced to wake them up if you expect to search matching pairs of them. It is also a good occasion to test your memorization capability. Interact with lilies and your characters will pop up. Memorize what has appeared in front of your eyes and find the right couples. Good luck!

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