Play WormRoyale.io online for free and conquer your selected game inspired by Slither style by being the last standing giant beast! Aside from eating, you do not ignore protecting your body from every deadly attack. You should enlarge and survive if you want to take over the top spot on the leaderboard.

WormRoyale.io is a unique game which is also known as a wide arena with a shrinking playable zone. That dangerous circle will create a more thrilling match that you are forced to rule at all costs. At the start, you are able to slither throughout the playfield and pick up orbs. These items will allow you to grow bigger. If you are successful in setting traps and causing somebody to bump into your tail, you can kill and swallow their remains later. In WormRoyale.io, try to handle your boosting ability carefully. Only activate your dash button when you will run away from predators or chase someone. Note that it is originally a fast-paced competition. So, it is essential to manage your skills and deploy them promptly! Furthermore, looking at the minimap will help you see the location of other people. You will have the time to avoid obstacles. Good luck!

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