Be a cunning, merciless and aggressive worm in Wormate.io! Are you ready for a new upcoming adventure? With this Slither Style free for all game, you surely gain a new experience. Wormate.io is taken in a huge arena containing numerous worms controlled by real human players from across the world. You are one of them wandering around the arena to seek a lot of candies. You need to absorb them as much as you can for building your size. This will also build the power for your worm gradually, meaning you will be able to handle other enemy worms when you come across them. Make the most use of your big body to encircle other players, block their escape and force them to hit you, rapidly eliminating them. Be careful with other tougher ones that try to kill you! Defend your worm at the same time, if you get killed by someone, you have to restart it from the very beginning. How long can you survive in this arena? Play it now!

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