Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2 is the second game in the slow-motion FPS series. It brings you fascinating battles with a unique collection of weapons and smooth effects.

If you are looking for a single player online shooting game, check this game out. It is famous for its slow-motion action style, where time stands still until you act. It will help you test your shooting prowess, observation ability, and even strategy.

Consider battlefield situations before taking action with your weapon. Enemies will stay stationary in certain positions and will start attacking as soon as you move. So the more enemies you have, the more difficulty you will have. And that really happens here after you get through the easy early levels.

This shooting game gives you many weapons to use, including melee and ranged weapons. At close range, you can use knives, hammers, shotguns, while sniper rifles, bombs, and grenades will be suitable to attack enemies at a distance. Depending on the battlefield situation, you should make wise choices to create an advantage.

Besides, when you play Time Shooter 2 online, the enemy system will be more and more crowded and the map will change flexibly. Maps with different terrain and enemy locations will require creativity in your strategy. Also, you need to act quickly and accurately to master every situation so as not to miss any chance of winning.

Time Shooter 2 is one of the best survival 3D games that you cannot miss. Join it now and try your hand at strategic shooting levels. You can see smooth slow-motion effects and epic explosions throughout the fight that will keep you fun for a long time.

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