TileMan.io is a free online multiplayer strategy game based on Splix style. Join a cool match and compete against all of the rivals on the same map. What you have to perform to become the top player is to become the person who occupies the largest territory. So, you should convert blocks around your starting land into your own asset by making a complete square. It will be the wall that encloses the target and fulfill your aim.

Although it looks easy, it is not simply due to opponents in TileMan.io. Aside from taking over neutral places, you are allowed to break into another kingdom and loot some pieces or the whole. Be careful! Always keep in mind that your weakest part is the trail that you create while you are roaming! It must be protected or you will die when someone bumps into that line. Try to navigate skillfully or stop if necessary! Different from Slither style, there are many different modes to choose from such as Normal, Rats, Extreme Speed, and Arena. Do not forget to find out the most appropriate tactics! Much fun!

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