The Numtums: Super Numtum and the Flying Moles of Mischief

The Numtums includes a lot of exciting challenges. One of them is Super Numtum and the Flying Moles of Mischief game. As the title that you have seen, it shows you the new and intense combat between your hero and the wicked koala. To destroy your character, the enemy decides to launch his elite units which are similar to toys. However, they are really dangerous once they bump into your friend. Fortunately, he has already found out the key which will be able to control those weapons. But, you need to give him a hand so he can turn all of the Flying Moles of Mischief into cute animals as fast as possible to win and survive. Each wave will bring some objects. You have to count and choose the corresponding number to make them transform and fall. The difficulty will increase when you level up. Keep calm not to let them confuse you!

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