Tactics Core

Tactics Core (aka STBA.io unblocked) is a tough strategy game online letting you partake in a high-tech battle against lots of other players. Before you step into the fight, feel free to pick your favorite kind of warship, such as a javelin, a roller, a silencer or a manta. All of these units are provided with great statistics and weapons. Also, you will be on either the blue or red team in Tactics Core unblocked free game. You must work together with your teammates so as to knock all enemies out of the arena, destroy all of their bases and stop them from dealing their damage to you. When you kill enemy units, you will earn XP, also your level will be increased. Leveling up is so great because it allows you to buy new better units with more upgrades. But no matter what you do, make sure you always stick with your team and survive all the dangers around you. Will your team touch the final glory? Good luck!

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