Stickman Shooter 2

Let's play Stickman Shooter 2 online and show off your military strategy. You can combine stickman units and weapons to defeat waves of enemies in your way.

Stickman Shooter 2 unblocked is an online strategy game inspired by world wars. Your mission is to fight the enemy stickman legion with heavy weapons and unique skills.

Join Stickman Shooter 2 and conquer the battles your way

Have you ever thought of becoming a military commander in the world war? Now is the time to do it as you play as a real stickman commander and engage in fierce battles. The challenge for you in this shooting online is crazy and intense attacks from stickman legions with advanced and powerful weapons.

Defeat waves of madness from enemies

The enemy’s attack is divided into several waves. So you can only unlock new waves after conquering the first waves and still have HP. To fight the enemy, you need to combine units appropriately and use powerful skills. But you also need to upgrade because the challenge for you is getting harder and harder.

Unlock and upgrade your forces in Stickman Shooter 2 online

There are dozens of units in this Stickman 2 game but you need to spend money to unlock it. Besides, you also need to spend money to upgrade units to improve fire rate, damage and ammo capacity. With better power, you can go further in the fight. This is also your chance to achieve high achievements.

Use special skills properly

Besides defensive units, you need strong skills to fight off enemies with great destructive power. Your skills are in the toolbar and you just click to use them. But you need to use them at the right time because each skill needs a certain time to recover. You can also unlock new skills when you reach certain levels.

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