unblocked is a challenging io game where you must use your strategies, skills, and good tactics to fight against opponents. The battle in game is set in a dark tunnel. The muzzle flash from the end of the enemies’ Glock 17 seems to be the only light in this tunnel. You are fighting for not only your survival but also for your light.

It is important for players to learn how to use the stealth element in this io game. If you know how to use it, you can sneak up on other players easily. Make use of this to your advantage and get an edge over them for a chance of winning. You have to be careful when you move through the shadows, and quickly raise your gun to shoot anyone you catch sight of, and more importantly, don’t let them get away from you. Also, you have to defend yourself from their attacks. The goal in online is to become the ultimate winner! Play it now for free and show your skills!

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