Squadd Royale

Squadd Royale is a 2D Shooter Free-For-All Multiplayer game that opens up a merciless match where players are pitted against each other to see who will survive until the end. The game features Battle Royale element, so its gameplay can be the same as other previous shooting survival games. You will also take a leap out of an airplane then land on the ground to begin the match. Make your way through the arena trying to search for as much equipment as possible. You need to find strong weapons then use them to inflict damage on the opponents before you get eliminated. Your opponents also do whatever they can to survive, and so do you! Besides watching for the enemy attacks, you must also be careful with the constantly shrinking safe zone. Do not stay in the danger zone for too long, otherwise, you will have no health left. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive until you become the last survivor in Squadd Royale!

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