is a fun Free For All Agario style game. It is also a Battle Royale match in which every player will have to compete against each other to become the King. Before you dominate the top spot, you need to turn into the biggest cell. It is possible to look up old tips from the original and apply them to your challenge. As mentioned, you will have to survive if you want to win. At the start of, you begin with a tiny creature. Don’t worry! The size will be increased quickly once you eat food dots and smaller characters nearby. When you save enough mass, you can split to move faster or catch the prey. Additionally, you are able to feed somebody in in case you expect to create an alliance with him. Be careful! Evade larger opponents roaming around your area or you can be killed! Furthermore, there are many dangerous obstacles found across the playfield. You’d better avoid hitting them. Choose the room you like and get ready to enjoy!

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