Sarah & Duck: Feeding Time game

Join another chapter in the Sarah & Duck and get ready to help characters in the fun Feeding Time game! Your new story will take place in a zoo. It starts since your little friends find penguins are really hungry while the staff is not present there. Fortunately, the food is available in front of your eyes. However, they do not how to supply it to those poor animals.

Your mission is clear. And now, it is necessary to give your buddies a hand so they can complete what they want in the shortest time. In Cbeebies Sarah & Duck: Feeding Time game, you will be provided with a small buck and that item is filled with a lot of fishes. Hold it in hands and start to throw one by one into the mouth of large flightless seabirds which are coming to your spot. You should observe to feed them in the right order. That will allow you to not miss anything and you will gain high scores.

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