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On September 12, 2022 Posted by Briona

Check the Privacy Policy of to know the data types we collect from you and why we do that! It’s now easy for you to manage your data as well!

The full Privacy Policy is completely available and legible. We host the policy on cbeebiesgamesnet. You should entirely take a look at the present page before you use our site.

It is actually convenient for you to master why we gather your individual information, too. Additionally, we want you to realize that we only save some specific kinds of data.

Everything about the Privacy Policy of cbeebiesgames.ney

It’s necessary for you and every user to understand the privacy policy. It’s as crucial as learning about the terms of use. In other words, the website’s policy will include some important info that you should notice. They are:

  • The type of data that we take
  • Reasons why we assemble it
  • The type of information that we don’t collect
  • The method that the user can reach and control the details that we interact with
  • Cookies
  • Security

The type of data that we take at the website

When you decide to play CBeebies games at, you often give us your basic data. Here are the items that we can receive from you:

  • The avatar or profile picture, username, email address, name, and password. And, it can comprise your preferences with some info about your gameplay.
  • Furthermore, we will save what you provide to utilize for advertisements.
  • Moreover, we will have the games that you have joined, your IP Address, your nation, the time zone, local settings, the network connection, or even the browsers.
  • Apart from that, there are your device ID, and user ID, with something around the games you have experienced.
  • Together with the things above, we will get the ads that you have watched and chosen.
  • There are a few third parties that will accumulate your facts. For example, we will store your Facebook name, avatar, and ID, with public data of your contacts.

Reasons why assembles it

Here are reasons that we pile up your information once you connect to our online services:

  • Firstly, we’ll grant you our online CBeebies games.
  • Secondly, we can level up services better as well as fix issues.
  • Next, we are able to connect with you when you send questions via
  • Farther, we can search for new users.
  • Not only that, we will put the ads properly to keep the website running.
  • Likewise, it’s helpful for us to spot and block fraud with illegal activities.

The type of information that we don’t collect does not care about inappropriate data with the data of people under 13. If you are older, you can visit and enjoy games.

The method that the user can reach and control the details that we interact with

It’s possible for users to open and manage their information by themselves. They can edit or delete whichever at any time. In case you’d like to report any bugs or ask for something, you can contact us via our email address.


Note that we deploy Cookies on the site to collect information from the users! Aside from Cookies, we select other equivalent technologies.

Hence, Cookies are a set of info that a website holds on the visitor’s PC and on the site they access when they return to the website. Almost websites apply Cookies to work in an easier way.

Further, we have a chance to be aware of how visitors use our site. Presently, there are some Cookies working on


The website follows suitable safety manners to prevent users from missing or making their personal information different.

With the passwords, we can guard the database that we are saving. And, the staff will launch them to enter the system in order to run the site.

However, you should see that there is not any security system that can stop every violation. So, you can support us by reporting matters via We will try our best to solve them and maintain the system.

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