Penelope K, by the way: Dancing with Penelope K

Penelope K by the way is a big collection in which Dancing with Penelope K is an interesting free-to-play online game. You will take part in another enjoyable experience together with a famous woman who controlled the British–Australian television program for pre-school children. Now, she appears in the new stage and you can give her a hand so she can arrange frames containing funny moves. Especially, you are allowed to place those items in any order that you want. Not only that, making up those different dancing sequences will help you see more about what she did in her show. After you accept to join the room of Cbeebies Penelope K, by the way: Dancing with Penelope K, you will be given some photos including moving images. You will drag one by one and drop them into available boxes. Press the button after that and review or perform with her. You can rearrange everything if necessary.

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