Penelope K, by the way – Create a Know Globe

Dig deeper into the Penelope K by the way and play free online the Create a Know Globe game your way! You have no missions to complete. Everything that you receive in the new puzzle is simple, easy and entertaining. Thus, you will have more time to relax and check another aspect of the series. It’s possible to meet up with old friends such as Frank and Hank. Aside from that, you can use their images and plenty of other items to decorate your special object. In each scene of Create a Know Globe, you will get different suggestions. Remember to keep an eye on the instruction to understand how to make everything unique! You can create anything impressive by using available stuff. Firstly, you will drag and drop the photo of the funny woman or a black bunny or fishes into your sphere. Next, you can add a theme. There are still several exciting accessories waiting for you to select.

PLay Now!!!