Penelope K, by the way: Bubble Popping

Will you help Frank or Hank? Join the new game in Penelope K by the way, Bubble Popping, and take part in a super fun competition. In which, you are able to pick out the fish that you like before giving him a hand to win. Or, you can choose to assist both of two stylish friends. Just experience and try to claim the most rewards. After you accept to engage the match, you will be given 30 seconds to pop as many bubbles as possible. Each creature will only receive and consume the food of the same color. Remember to read the tutorial before you play Cbeebies Penelope K, by the way: Bubble Popping or you may be mistaken! Aside from that, you are allowed to explore the difficulty level that you love, Easy or Hard. Depending on what you select, you can make the challenge interesting your way. Attempt to collect more thin spheres to conquer the goal! Good luck!

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