Papa Louie

Papa Louie is one of the unique Papa's Cbeebies games. It's time you join Papa Louie online and give your character a hand to save his employees with customers!

Papa Louie unblocked is also the name of the protagonist in the adventure. It’s an interesting fight where you must quickly find pizza monsters on multigrain fields.

Papa Louie unblocked game has a series of levels and battles

You are playing a Papa’s game without flash. In which, you will control Papa Louie. Something transports him to a strange world within pizza boxes. Your mission is to rescue every captured employee and customer.

Have fun with Papa Louie free online and master skills

There is a training stage that is helpful for the player to learn about Papa Louie characters with controls, for example, walking, jumping, collecting, and attacking. In fact, you will have multiple tasks to finish until you become the winner.

In addition to obstacles, you will face plenty of enemies and bizarre bosses. You are able to avoid them. However, you’d better destroy them for survival. Don’t forget to gather pepper bombs and swing your bat!

Besides, pick up enough pizzas along the track! They are effective to pull down the cage and set the hostages free. Additionally, you should read tutorials in that stage so you can overcome difficulties, survive, and conquer the real level smoothly.

It’s now available for you to experience Papa Louie as well as play Papa’s games free online no flash on our website! Let’s prepare carefully for the newest story and beat every monster to complete every stage! Then, you will get the keys to open the restaurant and take orders!

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