Mr Bloom’s Nursery: Jigsaw Puzzles

Mr Bloom’s Nursery: Jigsaw Puzzles game give you the chance to take part in an exciting story of Mr Bloom’s Nursery and get ready to solve the new problem as soon as possible. It is suitable for kids to play. Aside from that, it is also useful for you to entertain because you will not have to attempt to collect the highest score or complete the mission before you run out of time. Seize the opportunity and test your skill for free! Before you embark on the challenge, you are able to opt for one of the three available puzzles. Next, you will select the difficulty level, consisting of Easy, Medium, and Hard. Like other Cbeebies Games, you will have to make a full picture of the main character by taking pieces, dragging and dropping them into the given board on the left-hand side. In case you cannot continue, you can press the Hint button to unravel tough troubles. Good luck!

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