is a strategy game online. It is a top-down match in which everybody will play with their queen bees. Control one of them and embark on building the strongest team ever! Firstly, you must fulfill all the jobs that you are assigned such as creating a hive, laying some eggs, and giving tasks for your workers.

They are minions in unblocked that will find and exploit flowers to gather nectar and pollen. Especially, they are good at nursing your brood to spawn more members. You’d better produce cells onto the base and destroy wasps or other hostile characters before they attack your home. If they break into your settlement, they will kill kids and eliminate the whole construction. If you engage in the Multiplayer Mode free, you can rank up by keeping every follower at once. In case you set an account in the main menu, you will be able to eat and purchase unique species with skins. Have fun!

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