LumberJack Simulator

In LumberJack Simulator game, you become a woodcutter whose job is to chop down as many trees as possible for collecting some wood and other essential materials. You must use your given axe carefully to chop the trees without causing any mistakes. After having enough wood, feel comfortable to sell it. Start going to the first shop of the guy in the spawn to put your wood on sales. You will earn some money, so use it to purchase brand new axes which promise to give you better results when cutting trees. Keep in mind that you will also get XP from cutting down trees as well. If somebody is trying to steal your tree, use your axe to defeat him because it can deal the same amount of damage it does on the trees to your rivals. In case you want to steal a tree from a certain opponent, make sure that you get some food first as it can heal your HP fast. Try to surpass all challenges to become an excellent woodcutter!

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