Here comes an epic and awesome 2D Shooter survival game called KRUNT.IO! Prepare yourself to jump into an action-packed battle in which you have to survive all enemy attacks and deal damage to them at the same time. You step into the arena unarmed, which is not good at all. Therefore, quickly make your way through the map to gather as much equipment as possible, also, collect strong weapons from the ground then use them to shoot down everything standing in your way. You’d better watch out for attacks from your foes, in case you cannot deal with them, use a cover to protect yourself from harm. Everything will come to an end if you get hit, therefore, do whatever it takes to stay alive if you aim at the final victory. Similar to other Battle Royale games, the’s main goal is to become the last fighter standing. Prepare your skills and strategies for this epic battle now! Wish you luck!

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