Hey Duggee: Jam Badge game

Hey Duggee brings another interesting puzzle to the player through the new Jam Badge game. Pick out the difficulty level and you can press the play button afterward. Ther are two rooms, Easy and Hard. At the start, a monkey will throw fruits on a tree. And you are asked to tap on them to squash so squirrels can climb up safely. They are waiting for you under the canopy. just click on the rolling sweet and fleshy products and you can make them disappear before they bump into your friends and stun them. The time that you finish your mission in Cbeebies Hey Duggee: Jam Badge will be used to evaluate your ability. Keep in mind that it is not simple to cut the target because footsteps will shake the plant and you can miss objects! Attempt to choose the appropriate moment before your slide! See if how long your buddies will reach the treetop!

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