FNF Ben’s Adventure

FNF Ben's Adventure offers two special weeks for you to meet new opponents in battles. Each battle will take place on two new songs with different tunes.

FNF Ben’s Adventure is mod of Friday Night Funkin’ will lead you to an unprecedented musical adventure. And there you will have a chance to meet your familiar, Girlfriend in a sweet sentimental song. Furthermore, you can renew the experience with an intense musical battle against HighJinx in the second week.

In the first week, BF and GF will sing the song “Promise” at the platform before GF gets on the train. They will talk about their future, and if you help BF win, he will convince his lover. You need to make an effort to gain the highest score and conquer GF to unlock the conversations.

Meanwhile, in the second week, you will sing along with HighJinx in the song “HiJinx” with crazy music. Of course, you need to win to save the players who have been captured by him. So show off your FNF Rhythm skills and try not to miss too many notes at once.

The tempo of the tune will increase over time and get even more frantic if you play on the difficulty level. Therefore, perhaps new players will need a lot of practice to really master the manipulations. Meanwhile, experienced players also have to upgrade their skills to discover and conquer songs in the hard level.

Overall, FNF Ben’s Adventure is an interesting mod with new music and new story. Besides, it also brings new character looks to discover in your music wars in FNF full week. Don’t hesitate to miss your chance to be a part of these wars!

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