Fleats.io is a highly addictive space-themed IO game centering on an epic fight between the online players. They must battle against each other to vanquish a lot of planets as well as develop their own galaxies. You are provided with swarms of ships that must be sent carefully from this planet to another one to capture the entire galaxy. The problem is that you will face off against many opponents who are carrying out this mission at the same time, making the game much more competitive to vanquish. You should wipe them out before they hinder your job! During the course of the fight, be sure to stay focused on the bigger planets as they can produce ships much faster and if you go to the middle of the map, you will get the key to win. Try your hardest to outwit your opponents, survive for as long as possible, overcome all the challenges then work your way to the top spot on the leaderboard.

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