The little ducklings are swimming around a pond. Join Ducklings unblocked right now then see if you can build a big crowd of ducklings. Ducklings free game is an io game with crowd-building gameplay. It is pretty much inspired by Crowd City and You take control of a little duck around a huge pond trying to save as many ducklings as possible. On your way, you need to evade all the reckless boats as well as the enemies with bigger crowds of ducklings than yours. The boats will hurt your crowd while the bigger crowds will take your ducklings. They are all dangers and you need to dodge them before they come in contact with you. As you save more ducklings, you will realize how big your crowd is getting. Keep upgrading the crowd as well as take your ducklings back to the nest in the pond safely and create the best looking nest for your crowd. Sounds so fun, right? Enjoy it!

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