Disaster.io is a web-browser game situated in a post-apocalyptic world. Prepare yourself for an adventure in this dangerous world and see if you can rule the entire world at the end of the match or not. This is the place for those who are not afraid of mutants and zombies. These merciless creatures are spreading across the world, and if you don’t finish them off, you cannot save yourself, ending up getting destroyed for sure. At the starting of the match, you will see some people taking on the role of mutants, while some will become survivors. The main mission of the mutants is to spread the radiation to kill all humans, while humans must buy weapons from the shop to fight off the mutants. Every single weapon is armed with a discrepant range and damage. You have to use them depending on the current situation you are in. Try your hardest to survive in this world of Disaster.io! Good luck!

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