is an addictive 2D Shooter game with Battle Royale element. If are in the search of a certain shooting survival game that is enjoyable to master, give this one a shot now. The game is suitable for all browsers online, so it will be easy to join it. Like the previous Battle Royale games, you also fly into the battle using a parachute after jumping out of an airplane. The most different point is that you are armed with a knife at the very beginning of the game. You can use that knife to get through some obstacles standing in your way and attempt to go find stronger weapons with more useful equipment dispersed around the map. You should make the most use of things you have found to inflict damage on the rivals and eventually finish them off. Collect some materials, such as wood, as well. You can use them to create defensive walls as well as structures that help you elude the deadly attacks by enemies. Keep in mind that you must survive until the end of this crazy night!

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