Jump your way to the victory in a wonderful io game online called Crazy unblocked. You are pitted against new people from across the globe in a tough jumping competition. The way for killing enemies here is to jump on them. By doing so, you can knock them out of the arena. As you knock them, the size of your character will be increased, making you stronger than ever. During the course of the competition, you’d better watch out for your surroundings since there will be more opponents who can be tougher than you, and they will not skip any chances to attack you. It’s important to defend yourself all the time, also, you can develop some smart strategies for yourself and use them to outmatch all rivals that come in your way. There is a lot of characters featured in Crazy game, they have many different styles and looks. Can you try all of them? Will you become the ultimate winner of this jumping battle? Have fun!

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