Crazy Flips 3D

Crazy Flips 3D game lets you play as a great jumper who can perform amazing flips through levels. You have to jump, flip, and land in the space to win.

Crazy Flips 3D is an amazing 3D sports game online. It is about you performing amazing flips. You can play to show off your jumping skill through different levels.

Crazy Flips 3D has a good reason that is worth your try

Sports games are diverse on the Internet and they have also been a popular game genre. Players, who usually choose sports games to play, want to practice and improve their sports skills. A sports game can provide lots of levels to play.

If you are interested in this game genre, then you can start playing one called Crazy Flips 3D. It is a simple sports game but it has an addictive gameplay mechanic with various levels to explore.

Move your character carefully and make use of flips

You will experience a unique gameplay mechanic with amazing flips in the game.

Here is how you move your character

You start as an athlete trying to take a jump from various heights through levels. The character is on the screen. However, before you make any move, try to visualize and calculate the movement of your character. This helps you make a great jump.

Before jumping, you see that you will stand at a height. There is also an outlined area shown at the bottom. When the signal of jumping appears, your character will get ready to jump.

Types of flips in Crazy Flips 3D

There are types of flips for you to perform in the game. For instance, you can perform a front flip and a back flip. Each player has a different strategy to perform the jumps and so does your player.

You can perform a trick and try to help your character land in the given place. If you do this, then you will obtain points.

Crazy Flips 3D unblocked is simple yet interesting to play. Join it and play to express your jumping skills!

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