ClashBlade IO

There are lots of enemies that you must eliminate in ClashBlade IO unblocked! You can play this free arena style io game in your browser to experience all new challenges. With two game modes, namely rank war and endless war, you will compete against multiple rivals in tough fights. The rank war pits you against up to 50 players from around the world. The mission for you is to destroy all of them using your sword. But first, you may want to get your sword bigger by collecting orbs dispersed throughout the map. The more orbs you pick up, the higher the level you can reach, making you stronger. That’s how you play rank war. However, in endless war, you will play the game for fun even though you still compete against hundreds of players in the world. No experience points or coins will be given to you in the endless mode. Whichever mode you engage in, make sure you kill all enemies and get to the top place on the leaderboard to win! Have fun with ClashBlade IO online!

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