CELLX is an MMO Agario style game where offers an ideal place for all to fight against each other. It is an intense arena that you must control if you expect to win the top spot. Which styles will you choose to conquer the goal? Regardless of what you want, you need to defend yourself until every challenge ends.

Although CELLX game has many similarities to the original, it still has a twist. Actually, you will not only grow but also evolve. In addition, upgrades that you obtain are really exciting, useful, and unique. Aside from these items, you’d better collect as many aggressive units as you can during CELLX because they are effective to cause damage to your foes and boost your ranks. Besides, do not skip defensive ones! To dominate sooner, you are advised to set up a gridded network of interlocking parts. You will be able to move smoothly and eat targets or develop your troop easily. Moreover, remember to manage your resources carefully! Otherwise, you can be defeated rapidly.

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