Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja is one of the most exciting Ninja games keeping you addicted for sure. You can play it online for free to test and master your abilities easily. The game is all about a little cat who likes to become an expert ninja. He will have to vanquish a tough adventure full of enemies and impediments. This is going to be a great chance for him to perform his abilities, but still, he is in need of your help. You will direct the cat carefully over many platforms. When there is a deadly gap between two platforms or some enemies you come across, you must perform the skills to conquer all of them, like flying, punching, kicking or even throwing shurikens. All of these actions must be done in a careful way! Also, you have to make sure that your cat is totally safe when he performs his actions. If you take any damage, the game will be over. Cat Ninja presents you lots of levels, can you conquer all of them? Join it now!

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