Astro Race

Astro Race is a classic Space Racing game about drifting with a small spaceship around in space to compete against multiple online opponents. This racing game is very fun, surely it will keep you engaged for hours. You begin the game in the noob league and through over time, you progress to a high level. Try your best to drift the spaceship on the edges of the track to fill up your boost bar. Once the bar is full, you can totally give your spaceship a speed boost! The game contains many tracks to play on, and you have to finish 5 laps of every single of them. Be sure to watch out for your surroundings! Do not let the enemies ambush your spaceship, or else you will soak damage, causing the game to be over. Always have your drifting skills ready to cope with the sudden dangers. Can you survive and climb the top rank on the leaderboard? Give it a shot now!

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