Andy’s Wild Adventures: Monkey Nut Crackers

Explore the cool Andy’s Wild Adventures series and play Monkey Nut Crackers game online for free! Travel to a strange place and meet up with friends that you just got to know. Help friendly monkeys eat delicious nuts as fast as possible and also complete the mission that you are required at every stage. Although these animals are given food, they do not how to break them. So, you should give a hand by cracking these hard wild fruits. Each time you smash one of them, the red meter on the right-hand side of Cbeebies Andy’s Wild Adventures: Monkey Nut Crackers will be filled. Try your best to make it full! Aside from that, you are recommended to collect the most before sunset. When you finish the objective, you can unlock the next level. Obviously, difficulties will be added much more when you advance. It’s time to test your keen eyes! Show your abilities and win!

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