Andy’s Wild Adventures: Beaver Builder

Andy’s Wild Adventures has already introduced a super fun brand new known as Beaver Builder. It is an interesting free-to-play online game that is suitable for kids and parents. Seize that opportunity in order to take part in a cool job with a dynamic large semiaquatic broad-tailed rodent. He loves to gnaw through tree trunks so as to feed on the bark and build up strong dams. However, he is getting troubles because some of these pieces have strange shapes. Additionally, he cannot complete his task if he does not place them in their place correctly. Thus, he needs your help to win that challenge. It is also the mission that you will implement in your selected Beaver Builder Game. There are many different levels. In which, you will give a hand to the main character so he can bring and put items in the matching shapes which are similar to letters. After you fill up those spots, you can unlock the next stage and embark on another difficult quest. Good luck!

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