allyourbasearebelongtous is a strategy game unblocked. It is also easy for all people over the world to join and compete against each other for the top spot. Start off with a commander and you should create the best army as soon as possible because they will be the main force to occupy the position you expect, along with appropriate tactics during the challenge. Like classic team-based .iO games, you do not forget to work together with teammates. They will be a valuable resource that you are recommended to take advantage of.

When you have engaged in allyourbasearebelongtous free online, you can embark on putting up some barracks. They are the most important buildings. If they are destroyed, you will be eliminated instantly and every achievement will be stolen in a wink. To improve the winning ability, you can construct a farm which will bring back more money to buy upgrades and expand your land. When you feel comfortable, you can recruit soldiers to form powerful troops. Remember that you will be attacked whenever! Therefore, you are advised to finish basic quests before an invasion is activated.

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