ZingZillas: Back Drops

ZingZillas presents a new challenge. Take part in the fun Back Drops game and complete your mission your way. It is a fun chapter in which you can compose the nice melody. It means that you are able to choose and utilize all of the special “musical instruments” that you are given. However, these items are not similar to what you have ever used before. After you enter the room, there are a few normal tools, some paint pot, and a brush. In order to create notes or sounds or something better in Back Drops Game, you need to dip the paintbrush into the color that you like most before draw lines, dots or anything on the cloth hung in front of your eyes. You should mix and match these images to generate different or smooth tunes. Are you ready to join the playfield and prove your ability? Let’s pick the bucket that you want and prepare for the performance now!

PLay Now!!!