ZingZillas: Ant Chorus

ZingZillas: Ant Chorus is one of the best Cbeebies games for kids and parents to play online. It leads you to a small world of the most diligent creatures in the world. You will not the chance to discover their life but also experience an exciting task with these friendly animals. Take part in the new adventure and you will be able to a conductor. It means that you can direct the performance of a choir. So, you are about to take control of an organized group of identical singers in Ant Chorus game. If you want to make these special and cute members sing the best chorus, you can click on any character that you target and then you can hear the sound emitted from their throat. Especially, you are allowed to mixe those to generate a smooth and nice melody. Not only that, they can dance and sway to wait for you before they are chosen. Let’s embark on your job now!

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