is an amazing 3D shooting game. Not only that, it is a unique free-to-play online multiplayer match in which you take control of a vulnerable egg and manage a lot of different lethal weapons. The goal that you need to complete when joining is to destroy all of the enemies. So, it’s important to crack every rival before they do the same for you.

In, you are able to participate in the combat alone, or with other teammates, or the cool Captula the Spatula. After choosing the class and the equipment you want, you will have the chance to practice and upgrade your own skills. Keep in mind that your gear does not unlimited supply! Try to gather resources scattered on the ground or loot from slain characters on the map of! If you get stuck, you can swap to utilize grenades. Meanwhile, your health can regenerate automatically when it is reduced. Just hide in a safe corner until it is full. It’s time to jump into that arena and start to discover your story! Good luck!

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