Pucks.io is a sports game online for all to play without cost. Although it is inspired by the classic Hockey, you will drive a car to explore the match instead of moving on foot. Especially, you will have only one partner in the next 3v3 competition. Remember that Pucks.io free is a fierce challenge and you should combine every resource that you have to achieve the goal, from strategies to teamwork. Once you find out appropriate tips and know the way to cooperate with your friend, you can pass the puck down the ice and score.

Besides, Pucks.io unblocked will be a good place to earn experience points which allow you to unlock items and use them to customize your vehicle. Not only that, you do not forget the existence of power-ups. They are contained in crates. Grab these boxes to recharge boosting ability after you line up a shot and speed up! Have fun!

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