Penelope K, by the way: Rubber Band Music Player

The addictive Penelope K by the way collection will bring to everybody an interesting Rubber Band Music Player game that you can experience online for free. It is about another mysterious adventure that you should not ignore if you love to dig deeper into musical instruments and nice melodies.
Aside from dancing with Penelope K, you are able to challenge your skills through arranging pieces. Now, you will come to another puzzle in Cbeebies Penelope K, by the way: Rubber Band Music Player without charge. In the room, you are given five numbers. They are also buttons that you can interact with. Just touch any of these switches and you can listen, enjoy, feel, and relax your mind with fresh and smooth tunes which are played by popular tools. Not only that, you can claim a cool reward after everything is completely performed. Are you ready to discover and receive the gift? Have much fun!

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