Paperio 3

Paperio 3 is an exciting Agario style game. Hop into the available Free For All mode and get ready to defeat every competitor! Take control of a paper block and use that item to create lines which are considered the major tool to expand your territory, earn the highest ranks, and occupy the top spot. In other words, you will become the King in Paperio 3 once you own the biggest area of the map and outplay your rivals. After you spawn, you are able to depart from the starting position and wander around the zone nearby. So as to capture it, you will surround the target and come back to your home. Aside from neutral regions, you can invade neighbors and steal. Watch out! You must evade aggressive adversaries and defend your trail if you still want to go on. They can hit it and make you lose instantly. Are you willing to discover that large playfield and win? Much fun!

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