Nelly and Nora: Outdoor Fun game

Nelly and Nora: Outdoor Fun game leads to another location which is the house of two siblings. Their parents are absent for a while and they must manage everything by themselves. However, it is not easy. Your objective in the new journey is to give two characters Nelly and Nora a hand so they can choose the proper costume for the weather outside. Aside from that, you should join the girls to enjoy outdoor activities. Unfortunately, children in Cbeebies Nelly and Nora: Outdoor Fun recognize their outfits are being entrained by a strong wind. Therefore, you will also be asked to drag and drop the clothes onto the washing line as fast as possible to win. You need to observe and grab the right item promptly and put them in the correct position that can be seen clearly in the backyard to complete that job quickly although you are not required to finish it within a limited period of time. Good luck!

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