DogfightX opens up a fantastic yet hard-to-beat battle in the skies! Prepare your skills for this battle in this 2D Shooter Upgrades game and fight for your glory. Prior to partaking in the fight, you should pick your favorite kind of plane to control, including Bristol F2b, the PfalzD11, and the Fokker DR.I. They are all armed with different statistics. Once you have chosen one, it’s time for some hunting! You must go destroy the enemy planes and the mothership to make sure they will have no chances to attack you. Don’t forget to work with your teammates so you can easily wipe out the enemies. When you increase the score, you can level up and upgrade the stats for your plane, such as bomb damage, bullet damage, barrel, max HP, shield and max speed. Stay watchful for your surroundings all the time as well as play tactically for obtaining victory at the end of the match. Good luck to you!

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