Crowd City online free is an epic zombie-themed multiplayer io game based on Crowd City Mobile. Playing Crowd City the game is always fun, no matter what version you are joining! In this title, rather than a human, now, you are a zombie and you only have one goal which is to slay and eat all humans with other enemy zombies that wander around the map. Since your hunger has no limits, you can devour them as much as you want until you get stronger with a big crowd. As you progress and kill more enemies, you are able to improve your own character as well as make your stats much stronger. Just keep in mind that other zombies can destroy you too. Hence, you should keep your crowd defended all the time before you get absorbed. There is a leaderboard in Crowd as well. Your objective is to get into the top 1 on the board to become the biggest crowd of zombies on the server.

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