is the second chapter in series. Give this Brains Multiplayer IO game a shot now for more challenges and see if you can vanquish all enemies this time. You can play 2 full screen as well as enjoy various new features. The graphics have been upgraded, also, the gameplay got much better. Like always, you are either on team zombies or team humans with two different missions. For the human team, you must go find many objects to use and build safe shelters for yourself where you can hide the zombies. And for the zombie team, you must make your way through the map finding all humans then quickly killing them all. You should team up with your allies in order to wipe out the opponent team and give them no chances to eliminate them. Do whatever it takes to make your team triumph all over the rivals. Braains io 2 brings you easy controls with familiar gameplay, promising to become better than the first installment. Good luck!

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