Baby Jake: Poppin’ Peas

Experience the amusing Poppin’ Peas game with Baby Jake and check out your abilities through challenges that the main character gets. Aside from that, you are able to help the white mouse collect gold peas and make him happy. After you choose the Play button, you will be required to fill up the colander with spherical green seeds as fast as possible by bouncing on the pea pods. You are recommended to look out for magic beans while you are jumping. You will receive the assistance of a bunny in Cbeebies Baby Jake: Poppin’ Peas. Try to jump higher and harvest the most output before you run out of time! After you finish your task, you can drive a truck by yourself. Everything will be moved to another place and you can give your friend what he expects then. In which, you will know your result. You can enjoy again many times if you want. Have much fun!

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