Baby Jake: Baby Boogie & Space Rescue

Baby Jake is a cool program for children. In which, Baby Boogie & Space Rescue game will help the player enjoy and take part in many different missions. It is easy to experience various features, for example, challenges, color pictures, sing songs, or watch specific episodes, and save spacemen from dangers. You are able to choose one of them and begin to explore your task without paying a penny. Depend on the item that you select on the home page, you need to finish corresponding objectives. You will play the new Bbc Cbeebies Baby Jake: Baby Boogie & Space Rescue with a kid and meet up with other characters. So, you will be given dissimilar quests such as fill up the colander with magic peas, control the Pushing buttons, free astronauts, or dance, flip, and much more. Remember to avoid crashing into aliens’ ships! Let’s join adventures and accomplish your job now!

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