Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures: Jigsaw Puzzles

Play free online Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures: Jigsaw Puzzles and experience another amazing Cbeebies game your way! There are three rooms for you to choose. They are related to the story of two characters. You can easily recognize these people. Pick out any puzzle that you want and you are able to start to check out your abilities. Besides, do not forget to select the difficulty level, including Easy, Medium, and Hard. The last one will bring back more challenges. Like other Jigsaw Puzzles, it means that the original picture will be divided into much more pieces than the others. When you accept to engage, you have to drag given parts on the right-hand side and move them to another place before dropping them in their spot. Filling up the photo properly will help you win. If you get stuck, you can click on the HINT button to view the image completed. Much fun!

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